Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite Available on MSDN Downloads

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I got an IM message from fellow Team System MVP Grant Holliday this morning prompting me to log-in to MSDN Subscription Downloads and see what was new - lo and behold I'm downloading VSTS 2008 as we speak ;-)


I am currently getting above 220 Kb/sec download which is close to the maximum I ever get on my DSL line so they are obviously doing something special with the 2008 release to get it in everyone's hands as quick as possible.

The betas of VSTS 2008 have proved to be very solid and I am looking forward to taking the released version for a spin.  I'm actually doing a talk at my local user group (NIMTUG) tonight and I'm sorely tempted to see if I can give them an exclusive first look ;-)

Congratulations to the team at Microsoft!

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Unfortunately for those of use That do not have Team Suite as part of their MSDN subscrition there are no downloads available for VS 2008. Hopefully this is a short term loss and long term gain for the rest of us. Any information as to when we may see the specific Developer, Teter, Architect, etc. Sku's ?

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