The Team System Twitterati

The VSTS Twitterarti Twitter seems to be going mainstream here in the UK.  I know this because my wife asked me about it, so it must be pretty mainstream as I consider her my bellwether on normality. Anyway I’m not convinced that this trend will last (might be amusing to read that back to myself in a few years) but I’ve been twittering for a while now.  Personally, working in an office on my own a long way from my peers and work friends, I find it a good replacement for popping my head over the cube wall or mentioning something while making a cup of tea in the kitchen. It is also like listening in to the background chatter of other people in the office and occasionally joining in a conversation. It’s not something I worry about keeping on top of, just like I wouldn’t record all the office banter and listen back to it in case I missed something.  Now-a-days I tend to keep my blog long form – Twitter is where I would just type something that is in my head that I wanted to share.

Anyway, Team System MVP, Steve Andrews has compiled a list of Team System twitterers (the little bird picture here was from DryIcons and then vandalised by me). If you are interested in Team System then you might want to head over to Steve’s blog post and see if you want to follow them.  In case you are interested in over-hearing to my inane chattering then also feel free to follow me on twitter. I’m sure that many of my colleagues have wished that it was as easy to mute me as pressing the un-follow button, so if you do follow me and then rapidly un-follow me I promise not to be offended.  In fact, I’d probably un-follow myself.


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