Martin WoodwardThis is the personal blog for me, Martin Woodward. This site started out as a place for me to write things down so I can find them in a search engine again later, but if any of this happens to interest you then feel to contact me.

Professional Bio:

Martin Woodward is the Principal Program Manager on the Team Foundation Server Open Source team at Microsoft where he recently helped bring Git to Microsoft and into Visual Studio. He also worked on the Eclipse and cross-platform tooling for Team Foundation Server. He frequently speaks about Git, Application Lifecycle Management and TFS at events internationally and has co-authored several books on the topic. Before joining Microsoft, Martin worked at Teamprise and was the Team System MVP of the Year. You can find more information at his blog, woodwardweb.com, reach him @martinwoodward on Twitter or you can listen to his podcast at Radio TFS.

Please note that all opinions in this blog are my own, and may not agree with those of my employer or any one else for that matter. Unless otherwise stated content on this blog is provided under a CreativeCommons license. Any code samples provided are "as-is" and come with no warranty other than the fact that they worked on my machine at the time.


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