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MIX09Sadly, I couldn't go along to MIX this year. However luckily for me, Microsoft has followed a new trend with its conferences and made all the sessions available online for free for everyone to access.  As well as being able to browse the sessions online, Mike Swanson has posted a comprehensive list of all the sessions on his blog.  However, I like to download them all so that I have them locally and can watch them on the move (sat in airplanes or doing jobs around the house etc).  Therefore I created the following text file containing links to all the downloads so that I can copy the list of sessions into the excellent Free Download Manager to download them in the background over the next few days.  I thought that others might find the file useful so here it is:

mix09_content.txt mix09_content.txt (32KB)

Also, Mike has created a very handy MIX09 Renamer batch file (4.17KB) that can rename all the downloaded sessions to put the session title on them making them much easier to browse and find later.  For more information on this batch file see Mike's post.

If you use iTunes or Zune, then you can also subscribe to the MIX09 podcast feeds to download all the sessions to those devices (iPod/iPhone Friendly Feed, Zune Friendly Feed).

So far I am working my way through the sessions.  The Bill Buxton keynote is great, and I'm very excited about the new SketchFlow stuff in Blend.  Also - be sure to download session C02F - Improving UX through ALM (with Chris Bernard and Christian Thilmany) as they do a great job of showing the integration between the designer and the developer using TFS.  They also spend a good deal of time in Teamprise on the Mac :-)

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Thanks for the great write-up, Martin. I think you posted this mere seconds before I redirected that page to a new blog post here: Didn't want your readers to miss out on the session renamer batch file.


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