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Will WebWork Work?


Heard about WebWork from a few different sources lately. I hate Struts with a passion (especially in large teams) and find the aspx framework in .NET gets in the way between what I know I want to do and the implementation. I have ended up writing a few of web frameworks in the past in different langauges (including Net.Data, remember that anyone?). Anyway this post is a note for me to go check out WebWork and see what it does. Any comments about it are gratefully recieved to the usual email address or in this post (if it is working - I am overdue a change in blog software aswell...)

The Perfect Tribute

John Peel Memorial Grafitti, fullsize image (404 Kb)I've been meaning to post about this for a while. While driving into Belfast I spotted this bit of grafitti. In a city infamous for murials of a different kind, I think John may have appreciated the tribute.

BEA Joins Eclipse

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Interesting news from Javaworld. BEA are to announce that they are to join the Eclipse foundation. Hopefully this signals that Weblogic Workshop will be integrated with Eclipse (just as IBM integrate at the moment for WSAD). This only leave Sun and Microsoft as the major vendors staying out of Eclipse. While SunONE Studio (or whatever it is called nowadays, ex Forte, ex NetBeans) deserves to die for being soo slow, I don't see Microsoft integrating Visual Studio 2005 anytime soon...

While this should be seen as a great development, I hope that the folks at JetBrains are not put out of business. Eclipse used to be my preferred IDE until I became an IntelliJ convert (interestingly it was a BEA employee who converted me).

Update 24 Feb 2005: BEA have issued a press release announcing the Eclipse move. Looks like they are definately going to integrate workshop!!

"With the next version of Workshop, code-named Daybreak, BEA currently plans to move its implementation of the WebLogic Workshop IDE framework to the Eclipse open tools platform."

Hitchhiker Trailer Looks Great

The new Marvin.My wife was treated to the "Martin Woodward Excited Dance" this evening after I watched the trailer for the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy film. Superb. Looks like they have managed to update the story line while sticking to the Douglas Adams humour. From looking at the trailer, the film should be accessible to newbies as well have lots of detail for HHGTTG geeks like myself. Even the trailer has hidden jokes in the background - looks like it will be a movie to watch over and over. Over at the Official Hitchhiker movie website, they have additional trailers including one that uses Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" - a song that fans of both the radio and tv series will recognise from the end of Series 1 of both.

I am soo excited, I'm going to do my little dance again...

Codec problems

Recently, I've been trying to access some Microsoft webcasts but they just have not been working on my work PC. I got an error when media player tried to download the codec. Eventually tracked this down to needing the VoiceAge codec and not being able to find it.

If you have the same problem, you could try downloading and installing the codec manually from here. Works for me!

Sorry I've been quiet lately

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Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Had lots on at work and then lots on at home when I eventually get there so been too busy to play and find things of interest.

Just for interest these are the podcasts that I listen to on my long commute. If anyone has any recomendations for me then let me know. Techie stuff or science type stuff is cool (anything that keeps me up to date with what is going on). Comedy would also be good.

Still using nimiq client BTW. Pretty good, but still not quite there for me. The iPodder Lemon V2 sounds interesting - will be giving it a try.

Pagerank demolished.

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Well. It had to happen. I seem to have disappeared from Google when you do a search for "Martin Woodward". My iPodder profile now shows up at the number 2 slot, but I've no idea how to edit this profile to include a link back to my page. I give up, I am destined to be ignored by Google and i am going to lie back and relish my anomicity instead. If you use MSN Search then I'm number two (depending on which country you do the search from of course), however nobody uses MSN Search so I should stay happily anonymous.

Update [16 Feb 2005]: So it looks like my mrwpro.com domain name has jumped in again at the number 3 slot. Don't know what the heck is going on. But I've given up caring right...

Nimiq Podcast Client Rules!

nimiq.gifI have been driven to desperation with iPodder, so thought I would go looking for another podcast client before I wrote my own. Looks like the guys at nimiq have beat me to it and done a great job! Don't think they will be able to open source it for a while as they seem to be using some closed source controls (such as Rebar). The software appears to work brilliantly (even with bittorrent feeds such as DotNotRocks and SlashDotReview)

Anyway, iPodder has now been removed from my system and I'm going to use nimiq for a while - let's hope they keep up the great work and possibly release the code in the future, it has a working C# implementation of a Bittorrent client that I would love to see.

I was have a quick trawl through some of my logs, and found this funny set of search queries...

2004.12.17 11:08:42 Search: query for 'noisy and annoying' 
2004.12.17 11:08:51 Search: query for 'noisy annoying' 
2004.12.17 11:08:56 Search: query for 'noisy' 

Do you think somebody is trying to tell me something? I was described in my school reports as a "Highly vocal member of the group" and I never realised how bad this was until I married a teacher and got her to translate.

While I was looking at my logs, I also found somebody trying to search for "charva", "worzel gummage", British Airways flight information (on flight BA7862 - Edinburgh to Southampton) and someone else looking for information about "furby" so I guess I shouldn't read too much into it...

The Broker - John Grisham

The Broker at Amazon.co.ukIt has been ages since I have read any fiction. I am doing quite a few miles in the car at the moment and have little time to sit down with a book to relax. Last week, I was very kindly given "The Broker", the new book by John Grisham - but as an audio book.

Podcasts are good to help pass the time in the car (and have the advantage of being free) but following the story of Marco trying to survive in Italy has made a nice change. Some of John Grisham's observations on Europe have been painfully incorrect at times, and I obviously have to suspend my technical head when he talks about the latest Smart Phones or hacking a super secret satellite system. It follows the same Grisham formula and is un-challenging. I love it! - great fun to listen to. I would recommend you take a read or a listen if you have the time.


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