Somebody trying to tell me something?

I was have a quick trawl through some of my logs, and found this funny set of search queries...

2004.12.17 11:08:42 Search: query for 'noisy and annoying' 
2004.12.17 11:08:51 Search: query for 'noisy annoying' 
2004.12.17 11:08:56 Search: query for 'noisy' 

Do you think somebody is trying to tell me something? I was described in my school reports as a "Highly vocal member of the group" and I never realised how bad this was until I married a teacher and got her to translate.

While I was looking at my logs, I also found somebody trying to search for "charva", "worzel gummage", British Airways flight information (on flight BA7862 - Edinburgh to Southampton) and someone else looking for information about "furby" so I guess I shouldn't read too much into it...


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