BEA Joins Eclipse

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Interesting news from Javaworld. BEA are to announce that they are to join the Eclipse foundation. Hopefully this signals that Weblogic Workshop will be integrated with Eclipse (just as IBM integrate at the moment for WSAD). This only leave Sun and Microsoft as the major vendors staying out of Eclipse. While SunONE Studio (or whatever it is called nowadays, ex Forte, ex NetBeans) deserves to die for being soo slow, I don't see Microsoft integrating Visual Studio 2005 anytime soon...

While this should be seen as a great development, I hope that the folks at JetBrains are not put out of business. Eclipse used to be my preferred IDE until I became an IntelliJ convert (interestingly it was a BEA employee who converted me).

Update 24 Feb 2005: BEA have issued a press release announcing the Eclipse move. Looks like they are definately going to integrate workshop!!

"With the next version of Workshop, code-named Daybreak, BEA currently plans to move its implementation of the WebLogic Workshop IDE framework to the Eclipse open tools platform."

1 Comment

Thank bejesus for that - workshop is a crock! :-D


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