Will WebWork Work?


Heard about WebWork from a few different sources lately. I hate Struts with a passion (especially in large teams) and find the aspx framework in .NET gets in the way between what I know I want to do and the implementation. I have ended up writing a few of web frameworks in the past in different langauges (including Net.Data, remember that anyone?). Anyway this post is a note for me to go check out WebWork and see what it does. Any comments about it are gratefully recieved to the usual email address or in this post (if it is working - I am overdue a change in blog software aswell...)



Ask and ye shall be answered! :-)

It's more just the hassle of migrating my templates and posts.

At least if I revisited my templates I could in-ventigate google friendliness. I've been dropped off again from the latest index...


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