The Broker - John Grisham

The Broker at has been ages since I have read any fiction. I am doing quite a few miles in the car at the moment and have little time to sit down with a book to relax. Last week, I was very kindly given "The Broker", the new book by John Grisham - but as an audio book.

Podcasts are good to help pass the time in the car (and have the advantage of being free) but following the story of Marco trying to survive in Italy has made a nice change. Some of John Grisham's observations on Europe have been painfully incorrect at times, and I obviously have to suspend my technical head when he talks about the latest Smart Phones or hacking a super secret satellite system. It follows the same Grisham formula and is un-challenging. I love it! - great fun to listen to. I would recommend you take a read or a listen if you have the time.


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