Sorry I've been quiet lately

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Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Had lots on at work and then lots on at home when I eventually get there so been too busy to play and find things of interest.

Just for interest these are the podcasts that I listen to on my long commute. If anyone has any recomendations for me then let me know. Techie stuff or science type stuff is cool (anything that keeps me up to date with what is going on). Comedy would also be good.

Still using nimiq client BTW. Pretty good, but still not quite there for me. The iPodder Lemon V2 sounds interesting - will be giving it a try.

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Try LUG Radio ( - 4 English Linux geeks talking. Lots of nerdy laughter and strong opinions - but still interesting (normally one of the 4 takes a hard line of something and the other three will argue with him about it). The production values are reasonably high, you never know it might get you away from your beloved Windoze!!


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