Pagerank demolished.

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Well. It had to happen. I seem to have disappeared from Google when you do a search for "Martin Woodward". My iPodder profile now shows up at the number 2 slot, but I've no idea how to edit this profile to include a link back to my page. I give up, I am destined to be ignored by Google and i am going to lie back and relish my anomicity instead. If you use MSN Search then I'm number two (depending on which country you do the search from of course), however nobody uses MSN Search so I should stay happily anonymous.

Update [16 Feb 2005]: So it looks like my domain name has jumped in again at the number 3 slot. Don't know what the heck is going on. But I've given up caring right...

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I woudn't be bothered mate - why would anyone be searching for Martin Woodward anyway! ;-)


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