Talk: Whats New With Team Foundation Server


What's New with Team Foundation Server Slides Tonight at NIMTUG I'm going to be giving a talk to get everyone up to speed with the latest developments in the Team Foundation Server world.  We are going to review what came along in 2008, talk about the new bits in Service Pack 1 and the latest power tools release.  We are then going to spend the second half of the talk looking into the future and playing with the latest CTP of Team Foundation Server 2010.

Slides for the session are available here:

Links to resources mentioned in the talk:

If you are in the area then please register and drop along to the Wellington Park Hotel at 19.30.  As usual I'll be hanging around in the bar afterwards if you want to catch up and have a chat.


Hi Martin: Nice deck. Here's a VSTS 2010 deck in case you're interested. I incorporated content from a number of source like C9, PDC, blogs, etc. Hopefully, ppl will find it useful.

A Lap Around Visual Studio Team System 2010

There's an asterisk next to Explorer integration on the TFS Powertools slide. Is that just because it is an optional component - or is there more to the story?

The asterisk was just to represent bits that are new in the latest version of the powertools. Sorry for any confusion. M.

Great deck there Sajee! I wish I'd just asked you before doing my talk - would have saved me a lot of time :-)


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