Bulk Editing a Build Definition Workspace Mapping

This morning I was creating a new build definition for the Beta branch of the initial Microsoft release of the Teamprise acquired bits.  Creating a new build definition in Visual Studio 2010 is remarkably easy, but we have a fairly complex workspace template.  Our files are stored in version control in a way optimised to make it easy to get the source and build/debug in locally in Eclipse rather than for the automated Ant based build.  Because we have a lot of plug-ins, Eclipse features etc that make up our build we actually have over 30 separate entries in the workspace section of the build definition.  Is looks something like the following:

The workspace mapping template for the main branch

When developers want to run a full Ant build locally (as opposed to doing a debug session in Eclipse), we have a script file that creates the workspace for them. We actually have two workspace creation scripts, one that is for Windows machines and another shell script that is for Mac/Linux etc.  Both are just wrappers around the Team Foundation Server command line (tf).

When I originally created the main branch build definition, I did this using the often overlooked “Copy Existing Workspace…” button at the bottom of the Workspace section of the build definition and pointed to the local workspace I was using to test the Ant build once we’d moved over to Microsoft.  This was great as it saved me entering all 30-odd working folder mappings again and it is very clever, calculating a common root folder to use as the $(SourceDir) folder.

However, this morning I wanted to create a new build definition from a branch that I’d created ($/TP/Releases/Dev10-beta).  I didn’t have a local mapping that was pointing to the release branch.  I could easily create one using our workspace creation script – however I wondered if there was an easier way.  And it turns out there is, good old copy/paste!

I simply clicked on a row in the workspace section, did Ctrl-A to select all then Ctrl-C to copy all the rows.  I then went into my favorite text editor (in my case Notepad2) and pasted the results.

Editing the source folder mappings in Notepad2

I then did a simple Find/Replace to convert all $/TP/main/ entries to my release branch $/TP/Releases/Dev10-beta.  Did a Ctrl-A to select all and then a Ctrl-V to paste them back into my build definition for the release branch.

The release build definition

A nice simple way of bulk editing a complex working folder mapping template that Just Worked(tm).  Note that the copy/paste trick also works in Visual Studio 2008 as well as the Teamprise 3.3 release (and of course the beta release that I was setting up the new build definition for).


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