Radio TFS 05: Common Team System Questions


radiotfs I've just posted the latest installment of Radio TFS.  I'm actually a show behind on editing so expect to see episode 6 up soon.  However, in episode 5 Paul, Mickey and I attempt to answer some of the common questions we hear people ask about Team System including:

  • What is Team System?
  • Which edition is right for me?
  • Why can't I find Team Foundation Server on MSDN?
  • What is Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition?
  • Is VSTS 2005 compatible with TFS 2008?
  • Why can't I see Team Foundation Server when I install Team Suite?
  • What are my options for migrating from my old system(s) to TFS?
  • Can I use TFS with VB6, .NET 1.1, Eclipse etc?
  • What is a Team Project - how should it be scoped?
  • I deleted a file locally, I do a "Get Latest" and TFS doesn't download it - why?

As well as the usual sprinkling of tangents along the way.

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LOL... That rocks.

I want a Build Bunny now! Do you think we could talk MS into giving some away at PDC? ;)

Thanks for posting this. :)

Absolutely love it :)

"your bunny TFS..."

(by analogy with "your bunny wrote.." and used to be said by russian developers..)

I suspect that "your bunny VSS" would be a more common phrase ;-)

I love it Martin! You continue to amaze me!!! I think Thomson Reuters might need a "Build Bunny!"

Wow Martin this is great. I love it. Please do share some code wisdom when you get the chance... I think I'm going to order one now!

You should be on commission Martin. I just ordered my very own Nabaztag bunny :)

Pity you couldn't make it to TechEd US this year. Would have been great to catch up with you. I know you had a very good reason though.


The Nabaztags are great. We've already two of them. Especially funny if they're trying to speak German.

More in German:

I would love to get an overview of the code you use to control Brian with TFS. I just convinced my boss to order one for our office.

@Dave: Today I released a Nabaztag plugin for the continuous build server TeamCity.
You can check out the Java sources at google code:

I just started a .Net-based API over at CodePlex.

I smell a killer app. :)

Martin, I'll be calling later to license the IP rights for North America. I'm off to call China to find a factory...

- John

Nabaztag rabbits are awesome!!

I just launched NabazGroove, a playful application to connect Microsoft Office Groove 2007 with a Nabaztag.

If you are interested, you can have a look here:

(NabazGroove will also be demoed during TechED Dev at Barcelona)

he i'm a student from the netherlands
i study application development
i resently baught an nabaztag
i am very interested in the code used for this project
so i hope you can email me the files you used to make this happen
i would really appriciate it

thanks in advance

Elbert van Eck


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