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If you came along to my talk last night in Dublin, then thanks for your time.  I really enjoyed the chat as folks got stuck in and asked questions rather than just listening to me drone on.  It’s also the first time I’ve spoke at an event and then wandered through into the bar to have pints lined up in front of me.  Admitidly, they were pints courtesy of the Microsoft tab (thanks Clare) but then conversation after my talk was fantastic – my turn to learn a lot from the assembled crowd.

Anyway, as promised here is my slide deck (as zipped ppt and a zipped pdf).  There are a set of links in the slides but the following are things that came up in questions:-

Also – the new version of the MSSCCI provider is due any day now.  Keep your eye on Brian Harry’s blog for more information.

Hope folks had as much fun as I did and that there was something in the talk for everyone.  I understand a video of the event will shortly be available on the INDA web site.

If you missed the talk then I’ll be giving it again at the following dates / locations:-

I’ll be modifying the talk as I go along so no two will be the same.   However you might want to skip watching the video if you are going to come along to my talk as it will spoil some of the jokes :-)

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Thanks very much for a very good session. BTW coincidentally this thread on WTOT popped up over night too...


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