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Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell about Source Control and Continuous Integration - this was recorded for DotNetRocks and the show is now available for you to enjoy.

As Eric has mentioned, I've been a fan of DNR for a while.  In fact, back in November 2004 when I used to burn the shows onto CD (in fact it was 2-CD's per episode back then), Carl mentioned that he was going to start making the show available as a "podcast" and it was because of this that I ended up purchasing my first iPod.

Having been a long time listener it was really interesting to see how well organised the recording sessions are, and also how well edited it is afterwards.  I've always thought that the PWOP podcasts have great sound quality, but only after being present during the actual recording do I understand all the tweaking that they do to take out fluffs / people overlapping when they talk etc (interupting people as they talk is a really annoying habit of mine).  Thanks again to Carl and Richard for having me on the show and to Eric for getting me invited - I hope that people find it moderately interesting.

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Congratulations! :)


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