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I've recently come across Podcasting (or blogcasting as it is sometimes called). Basically it makes use of a feature in the RSS spec called enclosure that allows links to downloadable content - in this case audio content. Tools such as ipodder have come out that allow a user to have the contents of the RSS feeds downloaded to their hard-drive for offline listening. Combine this with syncronisation with your iPod or other MP3 player and you have the ability for automated pushing of subscribed audio feeds to your MP3 player for listening to at your convienience.

Though podcasting is a fairly new trend (<2 months old), it is certainly getting a lot of media attention, with articles in Wired and Internet News. Wonder how long before the BBC and the Guardian run a story?

My first podcast subscription? DotNetRocks, an online talk show for .Net developers. You would expect nothing less ;-)

Update: While checking the derivation of the term, I found this article in the Guardian from Feb 2004. Looks like they were ahead of the game again.

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