Port 25 Podcast: Accessing VS Team Foundation Server from Mac, UNIX or Linux through Eclipse

I recently did an interview for Port 25 (the website for Microsoft’s Open Source Lab).  If you would like to listen to the podcast then it is now available here.

The interview was recorded in a week when NTLM authentication was high on my mind (as you can tell).  However Ed has since done a fantastic job and led the work to implement the full NTLM stack based on details gleaned from the excellent book “Implementing CIFS, by Christopher R. Hertel”.  This book is not the “official” specification, but is very readable and is drawn from the work done by the Samba team.  As discussed in the podcast, one of the interesting things I learnt it that Microsoft’s Open Source Lab’s team have actually contributed some patches into the Samba group – which is a good thing.  Ed’s work has now been released in Version 1.1 of Teamprise – one of those new features that nobody will really notice, it *just works*.

Anyway, feel free to listen to the podcast.  While I have been a keen listener to podcasts since the beginning, this is the first time my voice has appeared in one (and I doubt I will make a habit of it).  However, hopefully you won’t find it as painful to listen to as I did.


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