What Check-in Policies Do You Want?


Now V1.0 of Teamprise is out the door, we have started on the next release and are looking at the features that people want.  One of these is Check-in policy support.  Due to the way check-in policies are implemented in Team Foundation Server it presents us with several architectural challenges.

I’d be interested to hear what Check-in policies people either use currently or would like to have.  Feel free to join in the discussion even if you only currently use Team Foundation Server to manage your .NET projects.  To get the discussion started here are the ones that I’ve heard discussed previously:-

  • Work-Item has been associated
  • Comment has been entered
  • Code passes static code analysis rules (FxCop etc)
  • File names pass certain regular expression rules (i.e. forbid people from checking in *.tmp files or that pesky Thumbs.db file)
  • Code being checked in compiles
  • A defined set of unit tests associated with code have been ran and passed.

Anyone got any others?  Any of those listed above useful or totally useless?  If you don’t want to post a comment to this blog – I’d be very happy to hear from you in private.


Some code complexity metrics calculated for the code that is about to be checked in and compared with certain thresholds. I have especially cyclomatic complexity in mind.

A few policies that I find useful:

* Static code analysis must run without error
* Check-ins are prohibited on certain branches by certain people (configuration done by windows security group)


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