Visual Studio Team System 2010

If you haven’t heard the news already, Microsoft have officially announced the name of the next version of Team System, previously known by the codename of “Rosario”.  For Microsoft developers, this will be delivered on top of Visual Studio 2010.  While Team Foundation Server is already very mature, there will be a new version of TFS in the 2010 release with significant improvements and enhancements.

It is fantastic that the lid is starting to open on the 2010 release in the build up to PDC and that we can start talking publically about all the great stuff in the next version.  Like most developers I love talking about cool new stuff and it has been a nightmare watching what I say for the past couple of years.  Here at Teamprise we have been working closely with Microsoft for some time now on Rosario.  I’ve been trying to remember exactly when our first meeting was about it, however it is all a bit of a blur.  I remember one particular meeting in April 2007 were we had the majority of the Teamprise team on-site with Microsoft but that was to discuss issues and get more detail on some Rosario feature stuff so we were already aware well before then.  Suffice to say that we’ve been in close contact and we are working on it.  We’ve had releases of Teamprise with-in weeks of the major TFS launches to-date and I would expect that trend to continue.

In fact, I already have my first bug fix included in the 2010 release! I was recently notified that a bug I submitted for the .NET base class libraries has been fixed and will be included in .NET 4.0.  This actually had some important implications with cross-platform compatibility, so not only does it demonstrate how seriously Microsoft take community feedback, it also highlights their commitment to making Team System suitable for the management of your entire enterprises software development.

So, where can you learn about all the great new stuff in VSTS 2010?  First, keep your eye on Brian Harry’s blog and on Channel 9.  Also, over at RadioTFS we have been working on a series of podcasts highlighting Rosario and interviewing members of the team.  We will be releasing these over the next few weeks so if you haven’t subscribed to RadioTFS then do so now so that you don’t miss a thing (RSS Feed, Subscribe in Zune, Subscribe in iTunes). 

As CTP’s for the 2010 release start to come out, please do take a look and send feedback over to the Rosario MSDN Forums for Team System and TFS.  The Team System team at Microsoft are incredibly responsive to the community and take all our feedback very seriously, so now is the time for action from us so that they here our feedback loud and clear.

As with all these things it will take me a while to get used to calling “Rosario”, “2010” but I’ll get there in the end.  I am really looking forward to great new functionality and seeing what news PDC brings.


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