Upgrading TFS RC to RTM

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Well, the impending release of Team Foundation Server looks to be days away. The User Education team have posted the upgrade instructions. I'll post back to let folks know how we get on when we do the upgrade.

Like many people we have customized the base MSF Agile process to add some fields that we need (for example, customer contact details on the Bug work item type), so we'll be saving those types out and re-modifying the template later. The question I currently have is what will happen to the data that is currently in these fields in the RC version. I'll soon find out, but I'll be taking a dump of the data into an Excel spreadsheet before I upgrade so I can get the data back easily should it dissapear (which is what I expect to happen, but am prepared to be plesently suprised).

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Hi Martin,

Let us know how this goes. You might want to download the software update package and review the .doc versions of the files we posted yesterday, as they're easier to read (i.e., more formatting) than the Web versions we could post on our blog.

I believe the data in those fields will be preserved in the SQL DB backup (and therefore should be retrievable after upgrade), but I'll try to get a definitive answer for you.



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