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A lot of people were asking about this when I was in DublinBrian Harry has announced the version 1.0 of the TFS MSSCCI provider allowing you to access the power of Team Foundation Server from the following platforms (among others):-

  • Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • Visual Visual Basic 6 SP6
  • Visual C++ 6 SP6
  • SQL Server Management Studio

Don’t forget, that you can will need at least Team Explorer installed on your machine and you need to make sure your developers have a Team Foundation Server CAL, but for most folks this will allow them to adopt Team Foundation Server right away, and then can use more and more of the power of Visual Studio Team System as they do more projects in VS 2005.  You’ll still need Team Explorer and the Command Line Client (tf.exe) to do more powerful administrative tasks.  With this MSSCCI provider and with Teamprise you are now in a much better position for day-to-day development integrated in your IDE with Team Foundation Server than you are with most source control systems (even VSS).

The provider is not officially supported by Microsoft, however they will actively be working on it over the next few months.  See Rob’s or Brian’s posts for more information.


Hi Martin,
I currently use VSS and have VB6, .Net projects along with Crystal Reports, Stored Procedures etc stored in my VSS database.
I understand that the TFS MSSCCI provider will allow me to access TFS in VB6.
Will I still be able to manage other file types within TFS (such as Crystal Reports)?
Thanks, Tim.

Hi Tim,

You can manage any type of file with Team Foundation Server, including Crystal Reports and SQL scripts etc. If you are using Crystal Reports directly from within Visual Studio then you should be able to use the MSSCCI provider to stay inside Visual Studio 6. If you are using the Crystal Enterprise Manager stuff, then you will have to save you files locally and then use the Team Explorer client from Microsoft to manage these as you did with your old version control system. The Team Explorer plug-in is installed into Visual Studio 2005 when you install the client software from the Team Foundation Server disk - if you don't have a version of Visual Studio 2005 installed on your machine then it will actually install a basic one for you just to allow you to do source control operations.

Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions or post to the Microsoft forums where there are many folks who hang out and will be able to help.

TFS General:-

TFS Version Control (including posts about the MSSCCI provider):-

Good luck,


A ping back on Delphi Integration with TFS through MSSCCI provider is availabl at

I have installed MSSCCI so that my TFS will be integrated with SQL Server Management Studio. After I installed it, I now see TFS ain Tools / Options. But now what? How do I check out a file? Do I just open it and try to start typing and get a prompt to check the file out? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
- Roy (

My question exactly here Roy.
Did you manage to fix it?



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