Explaining TFS to a Subversion User

In my travels I often run into former Subversion users coming to Team Foundation Server and struggling to come to terms with the differences in the version control model employed by TFS.  Ed Hintz posted a recent blog post that is very good, but as someone who’s used many version control systems in the past (including Subversion) I’ve put together the following deck over the years that I use when giving people advance warning about the differences between the two.  I recently updated my deck based on the latest power tools release and including some of Ed’s points.  Speaking with a few folks at the recent MVP Summit it seemed like this deck might be useful for others so sharing it here:

Note that I’m just a developer who likes TFS so much he got a job working on the team.  I’m not a marketing person or anything so this is very much a pragmatic view as to why it is different and what you should watch out for – it assumes that you are already motived to want to move (i.e. there are no slides saying why TFS is great and why you might want to switch etc).  If you find this useful then feel free to use – if you make any improvements then let me know as I’m always keen to make it better.


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