Orcas Beta 1 Available Soon!


Those of you lucky enough to have an MSDN subscription can go download Beta 1 very shortly, according to the announcement it is available now (but it isn't showing up in my MSDN subscription yet) - I suspect that the lovely bits on on the way through the MSDN distribution pipe as we speak.

However, while you are waiting you can check out the Channel 9 video of the announcement from Soma.

My poor ADSL pipe - I'm already downloading Ubuntu Linux 7.04 over bittorrent which was also released today.  At least I'll have something to play with over the weekend :-)

With Beta 1 I'm going to be attempting a side by side installation of Orcas Beta 1 with VS 2005 and VS 2003 (and also the many versions of Eclipse I have on my main dev machine which is running Vista).  I'll let you know how I get on.  I will however be cheating and going for the VPC version of Team Foundation Server just to save myself some time setting that up right now.

Update:  The VPC Image with Team Foundation Server installed is now available via the public download site.  Personally, I use a download manager (such as wxDownload) to get these files as they are pretty big.  If you do to, then the following direct download links may well be useful


The Orcas Beta 1 Team Suite VPC is available now (I'm downloading part 3 as I write this :) on MS Downloads...


Any luck on the side-by-side install of Orcas with VS2005?


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