Irish TFS Talk Marathon Ends on a High

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Just wanted to thank the good folks who attended my recent talks on source control with Team Foundation Server in Limerick and Galway.  I had a fantastic welcome and enjoyed myself hugely.

I revised the format slightly from earlier talks and so the slide deck (2.6MB) is in a slightly different order then on previous occasions.  This meant I was able to spend more time on branching which seemed to be appreciated.

As promised, here are the following links that we discussed during the talks:-

  • Eric Sink’s SourceControl HOWTO – a series of great source control posts from my boss. 
  • Rob Caron’s Blog – The “Team System Blogfather” and all round nice chap (with Irish roots might I add)
  • Team System Rocks – Great VSTS community site maintained by Team System MVP Mickey Gousset.
  • Teamprise – the company I am lucky enough to work for
  • VSTS Licensing White Paper – yes, I’m afraid it is that complicated
  • Microsoft VSTS Virtual Labs – connect in to a ready made VSTS environment, you can give the software a try with no need to install anything on your local machine.
  • TFS 180 Day Trial Download – if you fancy giving it a try in your environment today.
  • Thanks again to everyone who attended one of my recent talks and for all the nice feedback.  Source Control is never the most interesting topic but hopefully everyone came away feeling like they got something out of the evening – I know I did.

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