The Year Planner Shuffle

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2009 Year Planner Today is the first day of the new year in the office and so it is time for me to do the dance that I always do after Auld Lang Syne, and that is the Annual Year Planner Shuffle.  This morning I threw away the 2008 year planner, moved the 2009 one up and printed out a new 2010 sheer.

While I have my Outlook / Google / Apple iCal calendars all synchronized and duplicated onto my mobile devices, I also love to have a simple year planner printed on a sheet of paper and up on the wall next to my desk for quick reference. I have the current year and the following year on my wall and fill it out with key dates as I know about them.  Things like public holidays, conferences, release dates etc.  Anything that I would want to know about when taking a quick look out in the future to do some long term planning.

My favourite year planner comes out of (I think) an Adobe Pagemaker template.  I don’t have Adobe Pagemaker and so at the start a year I will search for “2010 year planner pmd” or whatever the year happens to be and generally I will find a copy of a PDF that some kind soul has published on the internet.  I’ve leached the past few years (since 2007 I think) from some kind person at the University of Wolverhampton.

If you are following my lead and want to fill out a planner for this year then Mary Jo Foley has just published a list of all the Microsoft related events/conferences of 2009.  Many of the items on Mary’s list with the addition EclipseConEclipse 3.5 Release Milestones and the Northern Ireland Public Holidays make up most of the key public dates on my planner for 2009.

Happy New Year to everyone.  What with Visual Studio Team System 2010 development progressing along with Windows 7 and Eclipse 3.5 it promises to be another interesting and busy year ahead.

1 Comment

These year planners are fantastic! Thanks for putting them up.


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