VSTS vs VSS - The Numbers

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In my talk at the Belfast Launch Event, I gave some numbers of the differences that we had found when migrating our source from Visual Source Safe to Team Foundation Server Source Control. Since then I've had a couple of emails asking for them again, so I'm including them in this blog post for posterity.

Note: You might not get the same improvements, this was just my experience on using VSTS across a WAN.

Firstly, the scenario. We had a split-site team based in Belfast (NI) and Chicago (USA). The source control server was hosted in Chicago for both Team Foundation and VSS. Our repository was made up of just under 6,000 files making up around 250Mb. I did the comparisons when we moved from VSS to VSTS Beta 2 from my desk in Belfast. I did them in the morning when traffic on the WAN was at it's lightest. I then repeated some of the calculations when moving to Beta3 (refresh). I don't have any stats, but I the December CTP certainly feels faster so you would hope the RC version of VSTS will be even better. Despite having a degree in Physics, I slept through most of my stats lectures so this is not a scientific study - but it will certainly give you a feel.

Full get on source tree:

  • VSS - 1 hour 26 mins 53 seconds

  • VSTS - 7 mins 32 Seconds

Get Latest when nothing changed (on full source tree):

  • VSS - 14 mins 23 seconds

  • VSTSB2 - 19 seconds

  • VSTSB3 - 3 seconds

Right click on a folder:

  • VSS - 3.5 seconds

  • VSTS - Instant

Navigate down a folder with no files in it:

  • VSS - 4.5 seconds.

  • VSTS - Instant

Show files checked out to me:

  • VSS - 3 mins

  • VSTS - Instant

All these figures were without using the new source control proxy feature that was introduced in Beta3. That should bring the "Get full source tree" time down to the minute mark for the second person in the office to do it. Anyway, pretty impressive numbers.

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