Marking all mail as read in Gmail


This took me a while to figure out, so I am writing down here to help me remember later.  It may also be useful if you are playing with Gmail at all (BTW, the spam filtering on Gmail is very good).

To mark all mail as read:-

  1. In the search box, type "is:unread"
  2. In the select area press "All"
  3. A link will appear that says "Select all conversations that match this search", press it
  4. From the drop down, select "Mark All as Read".

Took me a while to do something that is usually option away on a context menu in most rich client mail reading applications, but this is mainly because I had thousands of unread mails to mark and so that went off the page.


Perfect! Much better than fussing around with a ruba script. Thanks a lot, I had exactly the same problem.

Thanks for posting this!

THANKS a lot !

Thank you!

I can't find the "Select all conversations that match this search" button.

Where is it?

Thanks for this info.

THANKS! Have been amazingly useful

Thanks very much! A darn sight more helpful than Google help!!!!

yes! thank you for this one!!

Awesome! Thanks a lot, this is perfect.

I was having a hard time with this too. Thanks for sharing the solution!

Thank you so much!!! My 5,214 unread messages have finally turned to 0!!!

That was amazing! Used it to clear out my spam folder as well! Now I can use gmail on my phone finally!! Thanks so much.

thanks man. I had thousands of unread mails. I'm actually going to start using my inbox like a normal person now :)

Nice one, just changing to Google Apps mail and this works a treat to mark all as read when I import them in.

Thanks, that really helped.

Yessssss! Thanks, great tip.


Fantastic! Thanks

You know, thats been bugging me for ages but I just havent had time to figure out how to do it. Thanks for helping me solve this little annoyance !


That's really useful, thanks for posting!

So simple, so awesome. Thank You.

Thanks for the tip, just saved me a ton of time. Very useful!

Thanks a lot! I'm really surprised how great gmail is. I used an email client before, but gmails filtering and archiving options are way better, and safer. Anyway, this solved the problem of thunderbird leaving all messages as unread on gmail...

Thanks for the info, worked like a charm.

Woww...very good..thank u

Maybe things have change since this was posted, but I'm not seeing the link mentioned in step 3 about selecting all conversations that match the search. I can only select what is shown in the first page of the search. Am I missing it or is it not there any longer?

Yey - Thats been bugging me for ages

Great info! Started to mark the first and then the second page.. This made it all much easier!!

thanks a lot...It was really helpful!!!!

thanks! was really useful and time saving!!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for that, it was very helpful!

You saved me tons of time. Thank you! Thank you!

thanks so much!!

I've got 3700 emails. Are you suggesting I do this 185 times? I know that I can set a filter, but what I want is for it to set itself as read after 1 day in a batch job fashion.

This helped a lot, thanks :)

very helpful. thank you.

saved my morning! google notifier was displaying thousands of unread messages and i was about to trash it...

Cool! Thanks for this tip! Finally my over 2000 unread e-mail gone!

@Ethan & @bString ... and maybe all those asking the same question...

Once you click on select "all", you'll see a link at the top of the conversation list allowing you to select all matching conversations at once. Then you can delete everything without going page by page.

I've marked as read all of my 5600 emails!!

Occasionally, GMail loses its marbles and offers a Basic HTML View as default
which refuses to change back to Standard View and you don't see the "Select"
options any more.

This is very irritating but also typical of anything Google.

They have now passed the milestone of having more money than brains
(like Microsoft) and the kids they employ just get off on playing with the
systems all the time.


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