HDTV Confusion


I'm confused. Sometime this year, we want to buy a second TV for our house. As this TV will be around for a while in our "posh" room it makes sense (to me - not my wife) to get a HD TV. However, every TV I'm seen marketed has 768 lines, with various widths (1366 or 1280 pixels seem the most common). Yet the HDTV specs I've heard about are 720p or 1080i (which seem to match with resolutions of 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080). Now none of the TV's I've seen match the resolution of the images as broadcast surely meaning that it will have to do some interpolation of the results. If the signal is a 720p one it will have to scale the image up, if it is 1080 scale the image down. In my experience LCD screens running at non-native resolutions usually look nasty.

I am I the only one confused? Anyone know of a good web page that will explain it all for me. I may just hold off a while until the formats settle down and get a cheap old fashioned analog TV to last us a couple of years - but that will hurt my early adopter pride.


To be honest, there's probably not much true HDTV content you'll be able to watch. Most use an HD upconverter to convert regular signals to HDTV signals.


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