GIMPShop For Windows


I've been playing with GIMP lately. Coming from Photoshop, I find the interface really hard to use. Also, the number of windows that GIMP generates it just plain annoying.

Obviously I'm not the only person in the world that thinks this as on March 30th Scott Moschella hacked GIMP to make GIMPShop with menu structures easily to use for ex-Photoshoppers. Then on Monday it was ported to Windows with an easy to use installer by Dakira. If you are wanting to try moving to GIMP from Photoshop then take a look at GIMPShop for Windows. Don't you just love open source!


>I find the interface really hard to use.

...because I'm a windoze user! ;-)

There are other GIMPshop downloads also available at for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

i think you should add to your post that the hack for windows is nothing more than a background window!


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