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Infragistics is the world's largest publisher of reusable presentation layer development tools for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, Tablet PC and Java (JSF) environments.  I think they can count most of the Fortune 2000 as customers of theirs.  They also happen to be a customer of ours. 

I was in an email discussion with fellow MVP Ed Blankenship, when he came out with the following quote which Infragistics have kindly given me permission to share.

“We completely use Microsoft® Team Foundation Server (with Teamprise) for the development of all of our products now.  This was especially challenging with bringing in our Java (JSF) development group into the same development process of our .NET product lines.  By leveraging the Teamprise Eclipse plug-in and the ANT Team Build tasks, we were able to ensure they were using the exact same systems as the other departments in Engineering.  So the JSF team now has access to the same build, version control, work item tracking, and other internal automated software solutions that the rest of our company uses.  Visual Studio® Team System has really enabled us to solidify our internal ALM process, metrics gathering, and reduce overhead from supporting different systems across product teams.”

Ed Blankenship

Thanks for sharing Ed!  On a personal note, I'm glad that the Ant integration is proving so useful to many companies and this is an area that we are going to continue investing in along with everything else.


C# too - but then again I've always been a microsoftie.

I keep wishing I had to time to learn something like IronPython as I'm sure it would make a great pocket knife language.

I code in C++ day and night but when I need to prototype something quickly I also use C#.

Lately I more and more use Windows Powershell scripts.

C# too hehe, but I have been always working in Microsoft environments so ...

I still use Visual FoxPro as my pocket knife. I haven't found a more productive environment for "run once" development.


I use PowerShell. All the power of the .NET framework plus easy handling of command-line arguments, file system, and XML, which is usually what my custom tools are written for.

I've started using PowerShell for this kind of thing - and with TFS inside PowerGui [] you have one less excuse for not checking it out!

Hi Geoff,

I keep trying to force myself to use PowerShell (even getting rid of my default cmd shortcut for a while) and I've always failed to get past that initial hump. I think I just need to bite the bullet and spend a day getting up to speed. Everyone who gets over that initial hurdle seems to love it.

Thanks for the link - I guess I have to check it out now :-)

For me, it's IronPython (in preference to PowerShell, as a scripting tool for working against .Net APIs), against a default day-job language of C#. It used to be Java, when the day-job language was C++.

Unix Tools - ksh, sed, awk et al for low level stuff, even ms-dos scripting if I fancy a challenge. Don't dive into compiled stuff unless I think I am going to reuse it or need to do work at higher level .. and then it's Java which also pays the rent. Doing pocket knife stuff with it keeps me up to speed with more esoteric stuff which I don't use day-to-day.

I think the comments reflect your current readerships interests :)

Portable Python of course


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