Continuous Integration on Hanselminutes


Scott Hanselman's Hanselminutes podcast continues with this weeks episode about Continuous Integration. Jamie Cansdale (the genius behind TestDriven.NET) has posted about the tool Scott was on the way to mentioning when Karl interrupted him.

Probably also worth mentioning, as Scott missed it in his list of source control systems, that the source control provided by Team Foundation Server in Visual Studio Team System is also supported. To see a full list of the Source Control systems supported by CC.NET then take a look at the Wiki.

As I have previously mentioned about three bazillion times, I'm at VSLive at the moment. Yesterday I sat in on a session where folks were being introduced to programmatic unit testing for the first time - it was great to watch the light bulbs go off in the collective heads of the 50 or so people in the audience as they realised what an amazing impact this would have in their organisation.


Doh! I knew I forgot the big one. Sorry. ;)

"Light builds" - is that just using the command line when only compiling a couple of classes.

Compare "heavy builds" when you use a build too ;-)


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