CruiseControl 2.7.2 Released

Jeffrey Fredrick just announced that CruiseControl 2.7.2 is now available for download:

There are lots of bug fixes, lots of changes to the Dashboard and some new plug-ins, but the bit that is of most interest to me was (from the release notes)

TeamFoundationServer source control
* Fix compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2008 (CC-735). Submitted by Martin Woodward.

This was to work around an issue that came up when using CruiseControl (java version) to talk to a TFS2008 server (TFS2005 worked fine and still does).  If you are attempting to use CruiseControl with TFS 2008 then you should go with CruiseControl 2.7.2.  For that matter - if you are using CruiseControl.NET with TFS then you should also take a look at the latest release of the integration to TFS - as that contains the same fix allowing you to happily talk to a 2008 version of Team Foundation Server (also using the TFS 2008 client API's).

Anyway, congratulations to the CruiseControl team on the 2.7.2 release!


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