Poster child of the Web 2.0 movement and all round general legends Meebo have just launched a new service called MeeboMe that allows you to host a flash based chat window on your website and allow people to send you IM messages.  It is in Alpha stages at the moment so may well cause problems.  Anyway – if you want to drop me an IM message then feel free to click here for a chat window.  I’ll not have this on my main page quite yet because a)  I’ll probably get tons of spam and b) It’s alpha so will probably break in loads of nasty places.  Anyway – worth a try!


Doesn't seem to work in firefox :(

I use that version of Firefox and it works just fine for me. Do you have the flash plugin installed?

Also - was this from behind a corporate proxy server? It may have been blocking the traffic.

Finally - I wasn't online at the time, maybe that was the problem.

UPDATED: I was updated to Firefox today and it still works...


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