VSTS Bloggers Google Toolbar

Screen shot of toolbar button in actionWell, having tried new new beta of Google Toolbar I just had to try implementing my own toolbar button.  Here is one that will give you the top previous posts from folks around the VSTS blogosphere.  Clicking on the button will take you to the excellent Team System Rocks website.

Once you have installed Google Toolbar, you can click here to get the VSTS Community Button.

If you are interested, I pulled together a quick php script to slurp the RSS feed together and host them via Feedburner (because my slurping code was not written very efficiently).  The Feedburner version of the feed that the toolbar button uses can be found here. This should be working a bit better now then when I first posted the this entry as I've improved the speed of the script so Feedburner doesn't time-out when reading the feed. If you have a feed that you want me to add to the slurp list then feel free to post it as a comment here. The feed items must to have a pubDate as part of the feed because my dodgy script uses that to sort on to get the last 25 posts.


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