TFS Source Control for VS 2003

Via Rob, Microsoft have now released a MSSCCI Provider that works in Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 6.  According to the overview on the download site, “The Visual Studio Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider enables users of Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Studio .NET 2003 to use Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Version Control with integrated source control features. This release includes support for work item integration to associate work items with changesets, and check-in notes.”  

This is fantastic news for Team System adoption, reducing the barriers for folks wanting to exploit the power of the Team Foundation Server now.  This was one of the biggest pain points that people were pointing out to Microsoft during the beta programme and it is really nice to see that the feedback was (once again) listened to.  The plugin is for RC builds of Team Foundation Server and should hopefully work on the RTM version when it is shipped (not long now!).


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