TFS RTM Upgrade Complete

Build 147 of Team Foundation Server, running nicely thanks.Well. That was rather painless. We've just completed the upgrade of our internal dogfooding instance of Team Foundation Server to the 180-day trial edition from the MSDN download site. Having personally been one of the lucky few to have tested the Beta 2 - Beta 3, Beta 3 - Beta 3R, Beta 3R to RC and finally RC to RTM upgrades I have to say I was seriously impressed with how easy it was. It *just worked*. I would love to report about all the clever things we had to do to make it work, but we simply RT'd the FM and we didn't encounter any problems. In all, we had less than 15 minutes downtime, but I could have probably made it less if I'd practised. All our work item customizations are in place, everyones files are still there. It just works. Thanks to the VSTS Team for a job well done. Looking forward to typing in the real TFS Server key when our shiney blue box arrives.


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