Teamprise V1.1 Released

Today we released Teamprise V1.1 to the general public (available here).  Version 1.1 is a maintenance release to address several issues that our customers have reported. Most notably, Version 1.1 now fully supports NTLM authentication (including NTLMv2). If you were previously unable to connect to your Team Foundation Server then we urge you to try this release. Version 2.0 will be available later this year and will include work item editing features along with additional source control functionality (users purchasing Version 1 will get a free upgrade to Version 2.0 when it becomes available).

In addition to the NTLM support, Teamprise Explorer is now a Universal Binary on the Mac, meaning it will run on Intel based machines with much improved start-up times.  Also the 1.1 client can talk to CodePlex.  For the full release notes for 1.1 see the following forum post.

If you want to connect to TFS from Eclipse, or from Mac, Linux etc then give Teamprise a try (a fully functional 30–day evaluation license is available from the website).


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