Paste from Clipboard into Work Item Attachments Powertoy

James Manning has posted a suggestion for a powertoy to enable you to paste the contents on your clipboard into a work item as an attachment.  Personally, I think this would be awesome, in conjunction with the standard windows Print Screen, or something more powerful like OneNote or WinSnap – it would make adding screen shots to the work item a breeze.  We have features in our Teamprise clients that make it easy to save diagnostic information to disk, just so we can have this as an attachment to the work item.  Anything that makes it easier for folks raising the bugs to give the developers the information they need is a good thing in my book so I hope this powertoy finds it way into the outside world.

If you think it would be useful, then I encourage you to head over to James’ blog and leave a comment – if there is enough interest then hopefully it will be shipped as a V1.0 powertoy.


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