Ireland Tour

I've been living in Northern Ireland for over a year now however I've only been to Ireland once - and that was to get some cheap petrol as I was near the border. Next month I'm going to have a celebratory tour of the INDA user groups to talk about Team System now that it has been officially launched.

Source Control With Team System
Source control is something that every professional developer uses yet is hardly ever taught to use. In this session, Martin explains source control using Microsoft Team Foundation Server, how this differs from other source control systems like VSS, CVS or Subversion and how to get the best out of it in your day to day development. He also talks about how to adopt the new Microsoft Team Foundation Server and manage all the source code of your company including Visual Studio 2003, Visual Basic 6 or Java projects.

I am really looking forward to seeing some more of the country and having a chat with other developers around the island of Ireland. If you are near one of the venues it would be great for you to stop by and have a chat.


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