INDA Cork Talk

Tonight I spoke at the Cork INDA group.  Despite the excellent weather outside loads of people turned up and sat in on a talk on Source Control, which shows true dedication (especially from the folks standing at the back).  I particularly enjoyed it that the audience asked loads of questions that got us off onto interesting tangents.  Thanks again to Joe for organising everything.

I arrived in Cork city early this morning and it is a very pleasant place to hang out.  If you are a geek in the city then I would recommend sitting in the Clarion Hotel as it is a very pleasant environment to work with free Wifi and they serve an excellent cup of hot tea.  Anyone who knows the Marketing manager for Teamprise will know that he has great taste in hotels and the Clarion is one he would like.  Sadly, when I’m booking hotels myself I tend to go a little more low-budget, but the one I am currently sitting in has plenty of old world charm.  Cork also has a municipal Wifi service – while you have to pay €10 a day to access that, the signal strength is pretty good from the hotel room from which I write this post.

As promised, here is the slide deck as a zipped Powerpoint file (2196 KB)  – also some useful links that were mentioned during questions.

Also, the book that we gave away (Eric Sink on The Business Of Software) is available from Amazon.


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