CruiseControl.NET Source Control Plugin 1.2.0 Released

Tonight, I finally sat down and recompiled the CruiseControl.NET plugin to work with the RC version of the Team Foundation Server API. 

Turns out there was only one change – the TeamFoundationServer object now has a public constructor to pass the credentials to rather than using the factory as I has previously been doing.  I also put a quick fix in there, but I really want to re-write the whole thing.  Looking back at the use of the client API it is very naive, there would be a ton of improvements I would love to do to it to make it faster by actually using some of the great features that Version Control in Team Foundation Server gives you.  I also want to talk to the PublishTestResults service.  Hey ho – so little time so many projects…

Anyway, cruise on over to the VSTSPlugins project to find out more.



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