Another RC Team Foundation Server Up and Running

You'll probably be seeing a lot of these type of posts around the net, but I just wanted to say that I've got the RC version of Team Foundation Server up and running in a VPC. Apart from my only allocating the virtual server 384 Mb of memory for the first part - the installation went very smoothly. Honestly, they are really taking the fun out of it. I remember when getting a successful install of TFS was cause for celebration.

Anyway, at Teamprise we will be coding against this new version to pick up all the changes and then migrate our dogfood server once we have a java client that is stable against the new RC web service schemas. Apart from the headline changes in the RC build, I'm noticing lots of subtle cosmetic changes with Microsoft's RC version of the client - like all the additional subtle help pointers and a few really minor things (such as the current workspace version of a file being displayed when you right-click and select properties within Source Control Explorer).


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