I've moved to Windows Vista

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Well, the time came.  I got too jealous of everyone with Windows Vista and decided to upgrade myself.  Before I start complaining, the reason I installed Vista on my main dev box is because I like it.  I like the fact I use the mouse less.  I like the fact I get prompted when things want admin status.  I like the fancy UI.  I like the faster start-up times and the additional support for mobile users.  I upgraded to Vista because I like it.  It runs great on my Mac Mini so I decided to bite the bullet and see what it is like to run on day in day out.

However, an upgrade before the official consumer launch means that I knew it was going to be painful.  So much so that I actually bought a new hard drive for my laptop and installed Vista on it.  My dev machine is vitally important to me so I wanted to make sure I could roll back quickly at any point.  I took the opportunity to upgrade from a 60Gb drive to a 100Gb drive at the same time as I'm guessing that I'm going to have to use a Win XP virtual PC image quite a lot for the forseeable future so that I can test / reproduce problems with software in XP.

I started the upgrade on Saturday so that I would be productive again by Monday morning.  The actual install of the OS went very well, by far my easiest install of Vista to date.  I have a Dell Precision M70 and my Windows Experience Index is 4.1 - constrained by the CPU which is a Pentium M 2.26Ghz.  My new hard drive got a 5.0 and my Aero experience got a 5.9 from my NVidia Quadro FX Go1400.  Eclipse and Teamprise all installed just fine and worked with no problems so I knew I was good to start work Monday morning.  I've created a new category on my blog called "Vista" in which I'll post my trials and tribulations as I use the OS day in day out as a Team System developer.

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I have the same laptop as you. Thanks for paving the road ahead of me. :-)

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