Taking pretty screenshots of Windows Vista

The Vista Aero interface is awesome - but capturing that beauty has always been hard for me.  All that changed this morning when Jeff Atwood put me on to an awesome tool by Kenny Kerr. Kenny Kerr's Windows Clippings 1.5 is simply the best capture tool for Windows Vista that I have used.  I am probably the last person in the world to hear about it, but on the off-chance that I am the second to last, here are some of the things I like and why you should use it:-

  1. It can capture shadows, transparency etc really well.  However, it can magically take out all the cruft that you get from background windows coming through.
  2. When you are doing a screen capture - the effect that is used while you are selecting the windows is suitably beautiful for a capture tool that takes such nice pictures.
  3. Screen shots are saved in a file name using the window name of the application you were taking a screenshot of.

It does one thing and does it really, really well.  Thanks Jeff for the top tip!  For a little user-guide on how to use Kenny's excellent tool see his post (with pretty pictures) here.


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