Crazy KVM Tip

I always end up getting a KVM switch at work. It doesn't matter which company I work for - I'm never satisfied with just one machine under my desk. I used to just have multiple monitors on my desk but I need room for all that crap that I don't throw in the bin. At the moment I have a fairly cheap (as KVM's go) Belkin 2 port one, but I used to have a fancy (and expensive) 8 port one from Black Box that was perfect for sitting my phone on top of. Both of these KVM's had a rather irritating flaw.

Sometimes if you switch between PCs and start using the mouse too quickly the KVM can get confused and your mouse goes all crazy. If you have never experienced this effect it is as-if your mouse flys to different parts of the screen and randomly has left and right buttons pressed, if you don't catch this quickly it can cause all sorts on unintended consequences.

In windows world, the best way to fix this problem is to do CTRL-ALT-DEL, Lock the computer, then CTRL-ALT-DEL and unlock the machine. Sometimes your left mouse button still right clicks but if you right-click the left-mouse button will start working again. Strange but true...


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