Teamprise Preview 6

TeamprisePreview 6 of Teamprise is now available for registered users to download (registration is free). This release is compatible with the RC version of Team Foundation Server only - Beta 3 and Beta 3 refresh users should stick with Preview 5 or upgrade TFS now to claim your free T-shirt.

Apart from the move from Beta 3 to RC, we've been busy adding some more Work Item Tracking features to the product to avoid you having to leave the IDE. We've also fixed a ton of bugs and added loads of functionality around the edge cases.

Now we are heads down concentrating on improving quality ready for the V1 build.  It’s really getting exciting!  I use our plugin for my day to day development and I really love it. The Pending Changes View rocks.  Anyway, I encourage you to take a look at the preview version, and maybe even try it out on Linux or one of those shiny Macs – that is guaranteed to make you say what Soma did when he saw Teamprise on Ubuntu during the VSLive keynote… “Wow!”.



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