Visio Templates for UML 2.0


Recently discovered these excellent UML 2.0 Stencils and Templates for Visio by Pavel Hruby.

While I am still waiting for my ideal UML drawing tool, I keep coming back to Visio. It is much better than Rose and better performing than Poseidon (you also don't get that daft fish dude in the background as you do with Poseidon exports).

With IBM's UML 2.0 article and the book UML 2 For Dummies, I can express what I want to without getting to bogged down in implmentation detail too early, yet I can give that level of detail when I need to. My only problem is when I turn up on customer sites having been sold as an Architect and I have a copy of UML 2 For Dummies under my arm. At least I am setting expectations early...


As for UML editors, take a look at Enterprise Architect from It has its quirks, but is a top notch tool for a bargin basement price.

Reposting as I can't see my comments from yesterday. For an excellent, highly featured UML tool, try Enterprise Architect from It's superb and extremely cheap at about 180 euros for the corporate edition.

I don't see how anyone could use Visio for anything of any scale as, afaik, it is a diagramming tool only and does not hold a model that you can take views of in many diagrams. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I used Visio in an to map business processes for a month and would not want to go near it again.

I agree with you that Visio sucks at UML modelling but is ok for small projects. Visio does hold a model though that you can use on mutiple diagrams. It ain't much good, I'll give you that!

I have yet to use a UML tool that gives me the freedom to logically model as well as giving me checking to allow my to physically model. I include tools such as Rational Rose, Together Control Center, Poseidon and Visio when I say that the existing UML tools just don't cut it.

I'll take a look at this one from Sparx and see what I think. I think one of the problems is that I am probably more after a diagraming tool than a tool that give me round-tripping capabilities. One of the problems I find with roundtripping type tools such as Together is the temptation (as a developer at heart who does large scale system design) to get into implementation level of detail too early. Another problem is that I often need to logically model a system that sits across many platforms (.Net and Java) and that involves Shrink Wrapped components as part of the overall solution.


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