Current Podcasts

A few people have asked me this recently, so this is the current list of podcasts that I subscribe to and enjoy on my daily commute.

.NET Rocks! - The internet audio talkshow for dotnet developers.
Slashdot Review - A daily review of items of interest on Slashdot read by a southern guy. This is one of my favourite podcasts and the production quality is spot on. The featured garage band at the end is sometimes a pleasure, and sometimes something I just fast forward (the power of podcasts!)
Daily Source Code - The "Podfather" Adam Curry talks about podcasting and stuff. Not sure why I find this entertaining but I do, I think I got hooked on the cow-bells.
Slacker Astronomy - Nice astronomy podcast. The script is really good and the subject matter just right, sadly the people that read it are a bit wooden but they do this for fun and get better every show.
Dr Karl podcast - Dr Karl's Tripple J phone in show because you just can't hear daytime scientific debate about farting on the BBC.
Gilmore Daily - A new addition to my podroll, so far so good.
In Business - Peter Day's great show from Radio 4.


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