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To celebrate my 5 year anniversary of blogging, I gave this site a long overdue refresh over the weekend.  While I've been publishing stuff on the Woodwardweb.com domain since 1999, that was initially just putting pages up with notepad and Dreamweaver.  I didn't start proper blogging until 2003 and have had the same site design since early 2004.  Back then blog software was in its infancy and I only had about 8 readers anyway so I really didn't need to worry about niceties like site navigation, good handling of comments etc. 


None of the designs I've had on my site have had particularly long spent on them and the current one is no exception, however it does contain a comic book rendition of me which is courtesy of the highly talented SourceGear marketing department.  Apart from the obvious UI changes, I've updated my blog software (Moveable Type) and introduced a better commenting system as well as moving to tags and search as the main navigation mechanisms.

I'd be interested to hear what you think about the new site, please do let me know what you think and any problems you have in finding stuff.


Hi Martin.
The refresh to your blog looks great and I love the cartoon image of you :)


Very nice update. Very crisp and clean. I'm thinking that you need to ask the marketing folks to do an Anime or Manga version that you could rotate through randomly upon access. ;-)

- Steve

If you wait long enough, I wink...


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